Scarsdale Diet Menu

The Scarsdale Diet Menu goes back to basics with lean protein, fruit and vegetables all focussed on ensuring a low calorie intake. All this adds up to a weight loss of around one pound per day over a seven to fourteen day period. It is not uncommon for people to lose 20 pounds in weight over a fourteen day period.

A strict diet and menu plan is what makes the Scarsdale diet effective with no exercise required. Due to the low calorie intake exercise is actually not recommended. The diet was created by a medical Doctor and has been in existence as a proven weight loss method since the 1970's where it remains as popular today as it was then.

Example Menu

To give you an idea of what's involved here's a typical day menu plan (full Scarsdale Diet menu here):

BREAKFAST - 1/2 grapefruit & coffee or tea with sugar substitute

LUNCH - tuna salad & grapefruit or melon

DINNER - 2 lean pork chops, mixed green salad & coffee


Fruit and vegetables should be high in fibre with protein sources derived from lean meats such as skinless chicken, beef and also fish. Tea, coffee and herbal teas are permitted although sugar must be replaced with artificial sweetener.

The Scarsdale Diet requires that you follow the menu plan strictly during the diet phase, during the Keep Trim phase there's much more felxiblilty regarding meals. You do not need to eat everything listed and certain food items can be substituted where indicated. A selection of sauces and dressings are allowed including lemon, vinegar, mustard, herbs and spices.

Diet Goals

This is a great diet if you are looking to loose weight quickly, you may stay on the diet for a maximum of fourteen days after which time you will switch to Keep-Trim Eating plan to reinforce your weight loss before returning to the Scarsdale diet if you require for another fourteen days and so on until you reach your desired weight.