Scarsdale Diet - FAQ

Q. How much weight will I lose?
A. A lot of attention is given to the '20 pounds in two weeks' claim, however it's not unrealistic. The average weight loss is between 8 - 16 pound but there are many factors involved including how much weight you have to lose. Lets just say that if you do the diet and stick to it you'll be very pleased with the results, however doing the Keep Trim phase is the key to keeping the wight off.

Q. Can I change the meals around or do I need to stick to what is specified for each day?
A. You can substitute any lunch for any lunch on any day although it really is best to stick to the plan outlined especially for your first fourteen days.

Q. Are there any vegetables that are not permitted?
A. Corn, peas, potatoes (including sweet potatoes), yams, lentils and beans (excluding green or waxed) are not allowed.

Q. The diet does not always specify a portion, how do I know how much I may eat?
A. If a portion is not specified then you may eat as much as you like, but remember to eat until you are full and not 'stuffed'.

Q. What will my daily calorie intake be?
A. Daily calorie intake should range from 850-1,000.

Q. What can I use to add flavour to my food when cooking?
A. You may use herbs, spices, grated onion and minced parsley freely. In addition salt, non-stick vegetable spray, sugar free ketchup, chili sauce and mustard are allowed but in moderation. Check out the recipes pages for more cooking ideas.

Q. Is there a substitute for the protein bread?
A. You may use crisp bread or any other bread that has less than 10 grams of carbohydrates per slice.

Q. I don't eat fish or red meat. Can I eat poultry instead?
A. You can replace fish or red meat with any other lean protein including chicken, turkey or even tofu.

Q. What if I get hungry?
A. Ketosis naturally supresses appetite however you can snack on carrots and celery between meals (eat as much as you like). A hot cup of low sodium broth or a cup of tea or coffee with artificial sweetener may also help.

Q. Am I not supposed to exercise?
A. Due to a lower calorie intake you may not feel like exercising especially if it is not part of your normal routine. However a light workout should be ok but do avoid anything too heavy.