Scarsdale Diet Drinks & Beverages

Rules also apply to beverages whilst on the fourteen day plan. This list changes again when you switch to the Keep Trim Program. To help guide you through what you may and may not drink whilst on the fourteen day Scarsdale Medical Diet follow this handy checklist:

Drink freely:

Drinking strictly prohibited:

Top Tips

If you heading out to a party and fancy something different then why not make your own Scarsdale cocktail? Take one plain club soda, a slice of lemon or lime and pour into a long glass over ice. Refreshing and looks the part too!

Add a slice of lemon to your hot tea or water, not only will it create a nice flavor but will also assist in flushing out any toxins thanks to the lemons natural diuretic properties.

Sample a variety of herbal teas so that you feel like you are trying something different. Most herbal teas also have added relaxation benefits.