Scarsdale Diet - Keep Trim Phase

The Keep Trim phase immediately follows the diet phase and is less restrictive but follows the same principles of being low in fat and low in carbohydrates. It's designed to reinforce your weight loss and should not be considered optional, without it the weight lost could creep back on quite quickly. The Keep Trim phase lasts for fourteen days, after which you can then return to the Scarsdale Diet for another fourteen days until. The cycle is continued until you reach your target weight.

The Keep Trim program gives you the freedom to create your own menus although there are a number of rules to follow with regards to what you may and may not eat. The outcome of following these rules will result in modified eating habits to readjust your metabolic index to your new lowered weight. This will lock in your weight loss so that you won't regain weight when you start eating normally again. Here's a guide to the Keep Trim rules.

Carry on eating:

Go ahead:

Strictly forbidden: